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Natural Treatment Options for Ear Infections

Jen Heupel 0 212

When your child’s in pain from an ear infection, there’s nothing more you want as a parent than to help them feel better. So naturally, like any good parent would do, you look for options to relieve their pain and help them recover. The only problem is that many parents (and even medical doctors) aren’t aware of or don’t know enough about alternative methods to treat ear infections that don’t involve antibiotics.

Does Your Child Have TICS?

Jen Heupel 0 242

If you have a child with chronic tics - you know. You know the concerning looks, hurtful comments, and probing questions. You know how your child becomes self-conscious when he blurts out a noise or involuntarily jerks his arms… hoping no one noticed.

Motor Development in Kids

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You may have heard the CDC recently changed some of the developmental milestones for babies and children – but we don’t agree. Not with the changes they made nor with their approach to reducing the influx of delays in children today.  

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