Success Stories

Here’s What Patients Say About Restore Chiropractic

At Restore Chiropractic, each individual’s healing story means the world to us! Check out the testimonials practice members have shared about our chiropractic care, and please consider sharing your story!


Alyssa's Story


Alyssa came to Restore Chiropractic initially struggling with anxiety and fibromyalgia for years, which caused soreness and fatigue throughout her body. She was impressed with the team's kindness and ability to educate her on the nervous system, calming the concerns she had about Torque Release Technique (TRT) and chiropractic care. From Dr. Kyle restoring Alyssa's nervous system, her symptoms were alleviated, freeing her from the pain, reducing anxiety, and boosting her energy! She was able to get off of EIGHT medications, allowing her to "feel like me again" and return to working full time! Alyssa accredits her success to the "very informative” scans and continuing to follow Dr. Kyle's recommendations and feels blessed to have found TRT during a time when she was “truly losing hope to feel better".

Picture of Rebecca

Rebecca's Story

Back Pain

When I came to Restore Chiropractic, I was in a lot of pain. At first, I thought my back pain wasn't a big deal, until I found myself on the kitchen floor calling 911. I tried seeing a chiropractor that was recommended by my healthcare physician in the past, but I always left hurting more than when I came in and scheduling an appointment was very difficult. Also, I was always shocked over the price as well ... to be healthy, was to be broke. When I came into RC I was experiencing so many symptoms it was overwhelming ... you name it, I had it. I just turned 25 and I knew | shouldn't be feeling like this at this young age. Up to this time, I had been experiencing these symptoms for about 12 years. There were also other symptoms that I was experiencing that my physician and endocrinologist said I would just be "stuck with." I've tried acupuncture, which helped a little bit, but it took up too much of my time. I tried stretching exercises, physical therapy and weight loss. Eventually, my back became stiff and then painful. I was unable to keep up with my exercise routine. Work became overloaded, and the stress just blew everything into a perfect storm of back pain. True care came with concern and empathy at Restore Chiropractic. From the technicians, to Dr. Kyle, even down to the initial email with Dr. Kyle's lovely wife, I was impressed by the overall attention to my health and the technology used. It's a non-invasive, private, accurate and a quick treatment. I started keeping a journal after every visit to see how everything changed from day-to-day. After my first adjustment I wrote: "Immediately, pain and tension alleviated from neck and specifically the forehead and around jaw line." I've even noticed that I'm more social and able to go dog walking with friends and hike in my beautiful home state. Though I am still at the point of care where I cannot lift weights, I understand that my body is still adjusting to the new changes and it will take some time, but I can't wait until then! I recommend seeing Dr. Kyle and the team at Restore Chiropractic. They work with you and listen to your concerns because their mission is for you to be the healthiest you can be.


Stacie's Story


When I first started coming to Restore Chiropractic, I was having headaches almost every day and it was having a negative effect on my daily life. My job requires me to stand for long periods of time and I was searching for a way to relieve the aches and pains associated with my daily routine. I was a little skeptical when I first came to Restore Chiropractic, but Dr. Kyle uses a different technique than I was familiar with and it works! I have been pleasantly surprised by the Restore Chiropractic team. They are very friendly, professional and informative. They take the time to explain everything to you so that you know what's going on. The New Member Orientation I attended before my first appointment was very important for my understanding of Dr. Kyle's approach. After coming to Restore Chiropractic on a regular basis, the headaches I was suffering have almost gone away completely and this is happening after only three months of care! If you are suffering from any form of pain or discomfort, I highly recommend you visit Restore Chiropractic to find freedom from pain.


Roland's Story

Family Wellness

Our family initially came to Restore because my wife, Laura, was pregnant and experiencing sciatica. However, I was also dealing with tension headaches. Laura's sciatica made it a struggle to walk and my headaches made it hard to focus and maintain my energy throughout the day. Our first impressions of Restore were awesome. Restore is super clean and their staff is super friendly! We enjoy coming in and seeing all of the staff. Our kids also love that they get snacks and stickers when they get adjusted. Prior to coming to Restore, our oldest son also struggled with ear infections. Since we started chiropractic care, he has not had a single ear infection! It's safe to say; we are believers! On top of all of this, we have found that we are not as sick during cold and flu season. We all have more energy and we all have better health than ever before. Thank you, Restore!


Lincoln's Story

Sensory Challenges & Constipation

Lincoln initially came into our office because he was unable to have bowel movements without the use of medications. He also had signiticant sensory issues and was not able to tolerate the feeling of water or anything slimy on his hands. His Mom said he was only able to play with solid items like blocks. Lincoln also struggled with some mild behavioral issues like having difficulty with schedule changes, new places and interacting with new people. When he first started at Restore, he kept himself buried into his mom and did not interact with the team. Afteer only 1 WEEK, Lincoln was having regular bowel movements WITHOUT the use of medications!!! As he ontinued to get adjusted, he has come to LOVE tinger painting! He was never able to touch paint with his tingers betore and his sensory therapist even noted that she's never seen change like this so quickly! Now, Lincoln asks his Mom when he gets to come and get adjusted, he runs into our office and he chats with our team! We absolutely love the energy and all around FUN of having Lincoln as a practice member at Restore Chiropractic!


Ezra's Story

Severe Reflux

Ezra first came to Restore Chiropractic when he was only 4 weeks old! He had already been experiencing severe reflux, projectile vomiting, difficulty sleeping, and seemed very uncomfortable when trying to pass gas or have a bowel movement. He was going through at least 9 different outfits in a day because he would absolutely soak them with his vomiting. Ezra was having one good stretch of sleeping for 3 hours, otherwise, he only slept tor 2 hours at a time. His mom said his older brother had terrible reflux for NINE MONTHS after he was born and she couldn't possibly go through that again. The night after Ezra's first adjustment he SLEPT FOR 4 HOURS, then another 3 hours AND he had 3 comfortable bowel movements that day! Two weeks into care he was no longer projectile vomiting and after six weeks his mom reporte d he was having SIGNIFICANTLY less vomiting overall. He was still in his second outfit of the day when we saw him at 3 pm tor his adjustment. Baby Ezra continues to grow and is happy & healthy as ever! He continues to see us 2-3 times a month for his wellness adjustments and brings joy, laughter, and so many smiles into our office!


Anora's Story

Nursing and Constipation

When Anora first came to Restore she didn't want to nurse or turn her head to the right, to the point where she would scream and cry. She was also dealing with occasional constipation where she would go a week without pooping, which made her uncomfortable and fussy. Chiropractic adjustments were so effective at resolving Anora’s issues that Bronte (mom) could go into her car right afterward and NURSE HER WITH EASE! Not only that, but her constipation cleared up right after adjustments too! Bronte reports Anora would consistently have “blow-outs on the way home - every time! Several outfits were lost to this, but it was worth it to have such a happy baby.” “Everyone at Restore is so friendly! I refer people here all the time because it helps everything and keeps the fussies away."


Macy's Story

Motor Tics and Anxiety

When Macy came to Restore she had been struggling with motor tics, sensory processing disorder, OCD-like tendencies, anxiety, and poor sleeping habits for a few years. Macy and her parents had been working with a play therapist and teachers from school but weren't seeing the progress they hoped for. Medication had been suggested as an option to try, but her parents didn't want to go that route, so they tried chiropractic care instead. Since receiving consistent TRT adjustments at Restore, Macy's health concerns have greatly improved. She now falls asleep naturally and sleeps through the night, no longer has motor tics, can better reason through her emotions, and is not as sensitive and defensive as she once was. Life is much easier for Macy and her family now that there aren't as many tantrums and tears. “We so appreciate the fun and friendly environment. My kids are never "too much" for anyone at Restore and we feel like family there. Thank you!”


Jude's Story

Child Wellness

Jude was born healthy and didn't present with any problematic symptoms when he first came to Restore at 2 months old, but Juli (mom) knew the birthing process isn't just physically and emotionally stressful for mamas, it's hard on babies too. (Just think of all the pressure, pushing, and pulling that can happen to their spine and neck coming out of the birth canal.) Regular chiropractic adjustments have helped make sure Jude's brain, spine, and nerves communicate without interference so he meets critical developmental milestones and has a robust immune system. Juli has 2 older children and reports that Jude is, "by far, the healthiest of the three." Although her older kids are healthy overall, they've had their fair share of ear infections, other sicknesses, and need for antibiotics. Jude has NEVER had an ear infection or been on an antibiotic, and when he does get sick, he recovers very quickly! Juli shares that she loves the ease of the visits and the methods used, the affordability of it, and the friendliness of the staff. Her kids also "LOVE coming to Restore!"


Ruthi's Story

Bacterial Infection

Ruthi came to Restore Chiropractic looking for help with her low back pain, neck issues, and headaches. Although these issues weren't holding her back from the things she loved doing, she was looking for answers for her nagging pain. On top of her pain issues, she was dealing with bacterial infections and constipation. After going through her first visit in the office, she tell in love and was excited to start chiropractic care. She jumped right in after receiving her initial assessment, and is excited about the results she has received. Since being under care, she can sleep comfortably through the night. She has no more headaches, no neck pain, her constipation is gone and she is no longer dealing with bacterial infections!! Ruthi recommends chiropractic care to others and enjoys sharing her story!


Hannah's Story

Digestive Issues

Hannah grew up with major digestive issues and thought she had tried all options for getting help. She constantly had issues with constipation, diarrhea, and severe stomach cramps. It was more common to have a stomach ache than it was to feel good. She spent many years seeing different doctors, trying different diets, avoiding certain foods and nothing seemed to help with her issues. After exhausting all options, she decided that she would try neurologically based chiropractic care, because she was desperate and she didn't know what else to do. Going into it, s he didn't understand how chiropractic care could help with stomach issues but she decided to give Restore Chiropractic a try. She was blown away by the education in the office and left her first visit feeling hopeful and excited. After consistent care, her stomach cramps went away, her digestive system became regular, and she has been able to eat foods that she hasn't been able to eat for a long time. She no longer has to be picky with the foods she eats, and she is able to enjoy life to the fullest since her stomach aches have been eliminated. "I am so thankful for Dr. Kyle and the whole team at Restore Chiropractic. They have made such an impact on my lite and| am so excited to tell others about it so they can find relief from their conditions as well."

Hall Family

Hall Family Story

Family Wellness

My family and l started chiropractic care in 2018. Our first impressions of Restore were phenomenal. The atmosphere was cozy and family friendly! They had toys for the kids and the staff made us feel very welcome. Before Restore, I had never been to a chiropractor. I wasn't sure what to expect, but once I did my evaluation, I was blown away by the technology that they used. I was able to see exactly what was going on with my spine and learn how it was affecting my nervous system. I was naive to how much I needed chiropractic care until T realized how much anxiety and tension I was carrying around in my head. After a month, I felt like a big weight was lifted off my shoulders. I felt a sense of well-being. My family's health has improved significantly since coming to Restore as well. My son's tinnitus and constipation went away after his first visit and has not returned! My eldest daughters chronic stuffy nose has ceased and she sleeps better at night. My husband no longer struggles with neck and low back pain, and our whole family has managed to stay healthy during flu season! You'll never know how much you need chiropractic until you give it a try. Your spine contributes to the health of your entire body and if you want to live a full and healthy life: chiropractic is definitely worth it!


Dunn Family Story

Family Wellness

The Dunn family has been under care at Restore for just over 3 years with baby Otis joining right after birth. Since adding chiropractic to their lives, they have noticed being sick less, an increase in natural energy, and are ALL sleeping better. Those are just a two of the amazing changes they have experienced! Dennette received care throughout her pregnancy and she felt it played a large role in ensuring a healthy, natural labor and birthing experience - especially being first-time parents! Keith and Denette had this to say about Restore Chiropractic, "Restore has shown their appreciation for our family in countless ways. They never fail to show us that they are there tor us in our victories but also there for the challenging moments as well. It feels great to be cared for by wonderful and amazing individuals!"


Carol's Story


Carol came to Restore Chiropractic with severe Lower Back Pain, Neck Pain and Frequent Headaches. Her lower back often felt like it had a "fever, and walking 300 steps without stopping to sit was very painful. Headaches were frequent and sometimes became migraines with auras. After only 4 months to neurologically-based chiropractic care, Carol reports, "I am now able to walk considerably further without resting, I feel better overall and my headaches are VERY rare!!! She also said this about her experience at Restore Chiropractic: "Dr. Kyle and the staff are professionals and care about each of their patients. Everyone is friendly and I really like how flexible scheduling is." Carol is truly a joy to have in the office and we are so thankful to have her as a practice member. Team Restore is beyond excited that she is feeling and functioning better under chiropractic care!


Toni's Story


When I first started coming to Restore Chiropractic, my tension headaches were so strong that | would hurt all over by the end of the day. Work is so much easier now as| no longer have to leave work mishits because my body hurts too badly. My neck tension is also reduced and it doesn't feel so stiff! Prior to Restore, I had tried chiropractic and even massage, but hadn't experienced much improvement. l was skeptical at first, firmly believing that it wouldn't work, but was amazed at how much better to have been feeling since l started care. Dr. Kyle has helped me tremendously. The team at Restore are so friendly and the Torque Release Technique used by Dr.Kyle is Impressive.


Beth's Story

Hip Pain

Originally came to Restore because I was experiencing hip pain and shoulder pain. It was uncomfortable to walk, hard to do everyday tasks, and | was unable to sleep through the night. My first impression of Restore was incredibly positive. Everyone seemed helpful, knowledgeable, and caring. Chiropractic has helped me so many times when traditional medicine did not. Prior to chiropractic care, | couldn't bend, squat, or walk up the stairs one leg at a time. Because of care at Restore Chiropractic, I am almost 100% back to normal and | sleep so much better. | am able to enjoy walks and activities as well without pain. I love that Restore looks to find the root cause of my symptoms and make sure that my whole body is connected so that it can heal.


Kelleigh's Story

Hip and Low Back Pain

Kelleigh came to Restore Chiropractic tor hip pain, low back pain and severe migraines. These are issues that she had been dealing with for years. Over time the pain kept getting worse, and it got to a point that it hurt to sit, stand and walk. She took Motrin many times a week in order to manage the immense pain she was feeling. At first she had her doubts with Chiropractic care being able to help her, but decided to give it a try. She loved the feel of the office and the personalities of the staff at Restore Chiropractic. "Dr. Kyle and Rachel are very warm and welcoming." Kelleigh is so excited that her low back pain has greatly improved, her migraines are less frequent and her hip pain is completely gone! "| tell my friends and family they should try chiropractic care"


Suzanne's Story

Low Back Pain

I started coming to Restore about a year ago and was impressed by the questions the chiropractic assistants asked during my initial evaluation. I was experiencing severe neck, shoulder, and low back pain, as well as discomfort in my knees and ankles. It was hard for me to function during the day with level 7 pain. Surprisingly enough, I had gone to chiropractors on and off since my early twenties and all the chiropractor would do is twist, snap, and pop - but it's not like this at Restore! Now that I've received TRT Chiropractic care, I no longer suffer from neck and back pain, except for when I do something strenuous. My sleeping has improved dramatically, my energy level has increased, and my immunity has improved greatly. I feel more alive and I'm able to do the things I love without any pain. Have an open mind and give chiropractic a try! It definitely changed my life for the better.


Janna's Story


Prior to coming to Restore Chiropractic, I struggled with migraines, headaches, and muscle tension for years. My migraines were becoming more regular and it was affecting my job and social life. I am a Personal Trainer and these issues were keeping me from moving my body and engaging with my clients the way I needed to. I couldn't exercise as frequently as I wanted to due to the muscle tension. Since starting care at Restore, I am much happier! I have energy again and I get so excited to exercise and socialize without worrying that I might get a headache or migraine. I no longer spend days in bed or in the dark trying to lessen the pain. Before, I would have to take migraine or use icy hot or Bio Freeze to get through the day. I no longer need to use these or pain killers! I had doubts about other chiropractic care, however, I never had doubts about Restore. I was so excited after the consultation to start care. Restore uses technology to know what your body needs to heal itself -- it's not a pop and 'crack' all over the place approach. The whole staff is so warm and welcoming that it feels like you're part of the family. My body feels so good after each adjustment and I'm alway looking forward to coming in! I tell everyone about Restore and how it has helped me. They're not like other chiropractors


Kristina's Story

Migraines & PCOS

Kristina came to Restore Chiropractic 3 years ago after dealing with headaches and migraines for over 5 years. She had tried everything from different medications and physical therapy to clinical trials, massages, neurologist visits, and cortisone shots, but nothing seemed to work for her. She reported that she spent so much time and money trying to get relief that she often had to miss work because of it! Kristina was initially skeptical about chiropractic care because of previous experiences and not knowing much about the Torque Release Technique. During her first visit, Kristina heard Dr. Kyle's wife Rachel speak and was able to relate to her chiropractic story, giving her hope for her health. After her first adjustment, Kristina had "the best night of sleep" and she knew she was coming to the right place. "Since being under care at Restore, not only did I find relief from my headaches and getting a sore neck from my desk job, but also my menstrual cycle was finally regulated after struggling with that since my early teenage years. Recently, my husband and I were able to conceive naturally even after being told by doctors that I would likely struggle due to my PCOS. I am now 8 months pregnant with my first child and still finding relied through chiropractic care! It has been truly life-changing, improving my mood, getting of medications, and my body feels great!"


Denise's Story

Neck and Back Pain

I started chiropractic care with Dr. Kyle in July, 2018. I remember my first impression was how knowledgeable and enthusiastic the staff was. I was equally impressed with the Torque Release Technique method of adjustment that Dr. Kyle uses. I can say this because I have been under chiropractic care before and I even worked for a chiropractor. I have been suffering with pain in my neck, upper back and lower back pain for the past 40 years. This impacted the physical activities (swimming, walking, hiking, etc.) that I loved to do. Over the years, I tried using traditional western medicine, chiropractic and acupuncture to find relief from the pain. Since coming to Restore, my neck movement has increased greatly, my migraines have gone away. I experienced this almost right away. I am sick less often and my allergies are becoming less intense. One of the benefits of my care is that I am able to resume my physical activities of swimming and walking. Dr. Kyle is very knowledgeable and he takes the time to explain his procedures, show you the results and answers any questions you may have. He really cares and so does his whole staff.


Smig's Story

Neck Pain

had moderate neck pain for years prior to coming to Restore Chiropractic. | would often take Advil to alleviate the pain. T had my doubts about chiropractic, but l was impressed by the down to earth attitude of Dr. Kyle and the professionalism of the Restore Staff. Since receiving care at Restore, | have far less pain! My tamily has also been under care in the office and since going, they have less sickness. And surprisingly enough, my children's bed wetting has been eliminated with regular adjustments! Thighly recommend chiropractic care to those who are suttering or in pain.


Angel's Story

Neck and Shoulder Pain

I began my chiropractic care at Restore about six months ago. My first thought was that I couldn't afford this technology, but I found that it is more affordable than expected. Restore Chiropractic is up front and honest about insurance coverage and financial responsibility. When I came to Restore, I had neck and shoulder pain that sometimes extended down to my wrists and lower back. The pain was very frustrating to deal with, especially at work since I am a Dental Assistant. I believe the Torque Release Technique that Dr. Kyle uses has been the reason I am finding relief after four years of pain. The symptoms| have been experiencing have been with me on and oft tor about tour years. T tried other chiropractic care and physical therapy in the past only to have the pain and discomfort return. Since coming to Restore, my symptoms only occur occasionally and I don't feel like I need ibuprofen and Tylenol as often. My sleep is still difficult due to other health issues, but overalI, T feel everything has definitely improved. The area in life that has changed the most for me is mobility. It feels so good to be able to move and be more active in lite. My neck went trom a negative curvature to a positive curvature within three-four months! Tkeep telling people to just go ahead and visit Restore to see if Dr. Kyle can help them find relief from pain. I love Restore Chiropractic and the whole caring RC team!


Maria's Story

Plantar Fasciitis

Maria dealt with plantar fasciitis for two years which affected her ability to walk and led to extended back pain. Traveling is something she enjoys doing a lot but was unable to because walking is extremely paintul. She had tried many other alternatives tor care but none ot themn seemed to help! Even with doubts about chiropractic, Maria began care at Restore after being welcomed and educated by the very, T mean VERY nice and personable" staff. The headaches and plantar fasciitis are completely gone now and the back pain has continuously improved! Maria has been thrilled to wake up in the morning without dreading dealing with pain while walking throughout the day and has been able to reduce pain medications. She encourages others to go in with an open mind!


Barry's Story

Headaches & Range of Motion

Barry first came to Restore Chiropractic experiencing stiff and sore muscles, decreased range of motion and headaches. He had been to other chiropractors, tried massage and used medication in the past, but felt that past sports injuries were still catching up to him. He was surprised by all the stories of rapid health improvements in our ottice; however, he was still skeptical of the torque release technique. After getting adjusted, Barry couldn't believe how quick and easy it was and thought, "it was too good to be true!" In only four weeks, his headaches decreased and he has seen improvement with sleeping, range ot motion and his overalT health! He rarely wakes up with back pain now and can lift weights, do projects at home and golf with less pain. He also noted having less muscle soreness and a quicker recovery time atter physical activity. Barry would recommend Restore Chiropractic because nobody should live with pain! "The staff at Restore and Dr. Kyle are knowledgeable, kind, funny and wonderful people! They customize a plan tor your specitic health needs and help your body to heal itself. If you want to improve your wellbeing - emotionally, physically and spiritually, this can help!"


Teresa's Story

Sciatic Pain

Teresa first started care at Restore Chiropractic in the Winter of 2018. She initially came in for flare-ups ot sciatic pain, digestive issues, and right leg pain. She had daily right leg pain from an injury 8 years ago to her knee cap. This injury caused the knee cap to be out of alignment. When Teresa first came to Restore, her sciatic pain was so painful that it was difficult to even attempt to walk. The pain in her right leg would also cause her to have restlessness all night long. Since beginning neurologically-based chiropractic care, Teresa has not had a sciatic flare- up. Her right leg has also stopped hurting! Teresa states that she has also been able to reduce her intake of muscle relaxants and ibuprofen me dications since beginning chiropractic care. "I had heard negative things about chiropractic treatments. Dr. Kyle came to my job and did an informational session. What he shared excited me to the point that I could not wait to get started. The first month of care l did not think it was doing anything to help my situation, but nowI would say I recommend chiropractic care to anyone who is sick, suttering, or in pain."


Emma's Story


When I first came to Restore Chiropractic, I wasn't sure if chiropractic care could help me. I was suffering from scoliosis and could not lay on my stomach without my legs going numb. At the same time, I was suffering from the symptoms of asthma, headaches, low-back pain and shoulder pain. I had been living with these issues for years. Since I started care with Dr. Kyle, all of my symptoms have greatly improved or disappeared. I don't get nearly as many headaches like I used to and I have actually improved in sports. One thing I know, is that it takes time to heal and I just need to be patient with the way my body heals. I like coming to Restore and I think anyone who is sick or in pain should come to see Dr. Kyle and his friendly staff who will help you feel better.


Amanda's Story


Amanda came to Restore in February 2021 and her first impression was feeling valued and welcomed right away. She was also surprised by the amount of technology that is used to help understand the state of her health and how informational, yet simple the neurological scans are! Amanda dealt with hea daches, the inability to sleep for over six months, and back pain for the last 12 years! She remembers talling asleep with migraines and waking up with them still present. This affected her everyday life, including the ability to focus at work and deal with family stress. Like most people, she figured the back pair was just a product of aging. However she decided to take action and not normalize the discomfort! Amanda has been under care tor just over a month and is already ott of her sleep medication and her headaches have decreased significantly! Being able to get a good night of rest has allowed her to think more clearly at work, deal with family relationships better, and have more energy throughout the day! Amanda wants other people to know that pain is NOT normal and you CAN find true healing with a little bit of patience and commitment!


Chris's Story

Athletic Performance & Recovery

When Chris first came to Restore he was suffering from fatigue, chronic back pain, and high stress which was negatively impacting his ability to run long distances and recover quickly. He thought the slower pace, back pain, and soreness after running were simply due to aging, but he was pleasantly surprised to learn it wasn’t! An overworked nervous system that was tense and constantly in “fight or flight mode” was actually the culprit. Since receiving consistent chiropractic adjustments Chris’ athletic performance and quality of life have improved greatly. He’s thankful for better sleep, finishing the day with more energy, and being able to run faster and farther without pain. His distance level workouts and mileage are even close to what he was running in college! Low back pain, chronic fatigue, and aging DO NOT have to keep you from enjoying an active lifestyle and reaching your peak performance. Chris "recommends Restore Chiropractic to anyone who wishes to achieve their health and fitness goals."


Rich's Story


When Rich first came to Restore he was suffering from vertigo so badly that he couldn't drive or go to work. He had to hold onto things to walk and had no use of his eyes. In his words: "He was a mess." Since receiving consistent chiropractic adjustments Rich’s vertigo has vanished, his energy has increased, and "life, in general, is just easier." Now that his health has been restored he has more reasons to be active and can get back to what he wants and needs to do: work, drive, exercise, golf, and watch TV. He even reports his golf game has gotten better now that he can play again! Rich would recommend Restore to everyone as they've been "great to work with" and "truly want to help".


Tom's Story

Feet & Back Pain

When Tom came to Restore he had been suffering from pain and stiffness in his neck, shoulders, and low back for years. In fact, his neck was so stiff that he could barely turn his head! He also struggled with morning tremors in his right hand and fatigue. To manage the pain and stiffness he had been seeing another type of chiropractor but wasn't getting the results he desired. Since receiving TRT adjustments at Restore, Tom is feeling much better overall. He can now easily turn his head without pain and the hand tremors are gone! His chronic low back pain is much better and he's noticed an improvement in exercise performance and energy. Specifically, his strength training has improved and he's "getting more out of his cardio and stretch routines". "Chiropractic care really works. It's about maintaining and improving a healthy lifestyle, not just fixing a problem."


Rebekah's Story


When Rebekah first came to Restore she had been struggling with frequent and severe migraines for 12 years that incapacitated her. She had tried several medications and another chiropractor before, but nothing seemed to work. Shortly before coming to Restore Rebekah had three migraines in one month, but after starting care here she didn't have one for 6 months! Today, Rebekah is thrilled to report that her migraines have "improved exponentially". Now, she hardly gets them and when she does, they are much less severe than before. "Life has definitely changed for the better as my daily life (work, play, rest) is not being interrupted from frequent migraines. If you are struggling with migraines check out Restore! I had tried many other avenues to find help for the pain I was having and Restore is the first place I've actually seen real results."


Ben's Story

Knee & Back Pain

When Ben came to Restore he had been struggling with knee and back pain for over 20 years. The chronic stress on his body made sleep and basic daily activities like playing with his kids difficult and uncomfortable. Chiropractic care had helped Ben in the past, but he didn’t care for how long the appointments took. Once he began receiving TRT adjustments from Restore, he was extremely pleased to find out how fast and effective they were. Ben’s nervous system responded so well to adjustments that he reports “virtually no back pain and much less knee pain.” Now that his pain is gone, he’s able to exercise often, keep up with his kids, play kickball, and even ice skate – something he never imagined being able to do! He’s also thankful for better sleep and more energy to get through the day. “Restore is an amazing group of people who treat you like family, and I look forward to seeing them at every visit!”


Halita's Story

Feet & Back Pain

When Halita first came to Restore she had been suffering from chronic pain in her feet and low back for 10 years that made walking and standing quite difficult. She also lacked energy and slept poorly. To manage the pain in her feet and ankles she was taking Voltaren Gel and wore ankle braces. She had also been seeing another chiropractor but wasn't improving. Since receiving TRT adjustments at Restore Halita is feeling much better overall! The pain in her feet has improved so much that she no longer needs Voltaren Gel, can go for long walks with her dogs and parents at the store, and can be on her feet for extended periods of time. She also has less back pain and more energy because she's sleeping better. "Dr. Kyle and the team truly listen to you, your story, and your needs. They have hearts that want to help with your problems and see you have a long, healthy life.


Ann's Story

Lupus & Stroke

When Ann first came to Restore she didn't have sensation in the left side of her body or know when she had to use the bathroom since having a stroke 20 years prior. Doctors told her the loss of sensation was just something she had to "deal with". She also had sciatic pain that was not improving with physical therapy. In addition, Ann has Lupus, an autoimmune disease that affects her joints and lungs. To manage those symptoms she was on several prescription medications when she began chiropractic care. Before coming to Restore, Ann had not seen a chiropractor because she was worried about someone "cracking her back," but when she learned how our doctors use the Integrator, a gentle instrument to adjust one's nervous system, she was "all in". Today, Ann is thrilled to share that TRT adjustments have restored her sensation to use the bathroom, allowed her to get off one Lupus medication, eliminated sciatic pain, and improved her sleep!


Peggy's Story

Thyroid Disease

When Peggy first came to Restore she struggled with low energy and feeling sluggish - symptoms related to her low-functioning thyroid. She was also weary from persistent neck and back pain that made daily activities more difficult. When her thyroid function failed to improve through diet changes, she decided to give Restore Chiropractic a try. She was impressed with how caring and uplifting the staff and office environment was, and appreciated the education and individual care she received. Today, Peggy is thrilled to share that TRT adjustments have improved her thyroid levels, increased her energy, and resolved her back and neck issues! She's also grateful she gets sick less often and can run faster - all thanks to chiropractic care! Peggy feels "amazing" both physically and mentally after adjustments and wants you to know that chiropractic care can help with your healing journey too.

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