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At Restore Chiropractic, our goal is to care for and empower expecting mothers throughout all stages of their pregnancy journey. We believe that our role as a local prenatal chiropractor is to examine all the choices mothers have in regards to managing physical pain and mental strain, from reducing stress, to improving energy levels, to ensuring proper baby positioning.

Let us help enhance your comfort and manage pain from preconception to postpartum! Restore Chiropractic offers services for expecting mothers through all stages of pregnancy. Our innovative and non-invasive chiropractic solutions are intended to restore normal function to the nervous system by restoring normal spinal function.

Prenatal Chiropractic Services for Every Stage of Pregnancy

More and more women today are exploring chiropractic options during pregnancy in hopes of achieving a healthier, more comfortable birthing process. This is due in part to rising awareness about the importance of the relationship between the spine and nervous system.

Restore Chiropractic offers support throughout all stages of your pregnancy with neurologically based chiropractic care aimed to optimize function during childbirth. Interested in improving the outcome and quality of your labor and delivery? Contact us to learn more or schedule an appointment today!

Chiropractic Services Chiropractic Services

Focused on Personalized Prenatal Care

Improving spine and nervous system function during pregnancy benefits everything from bodily coordination to the development of the newborn child.

Our custom prenatal chiropractic services range from:

  • Refining spinal alignment to aid in enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of the nerves they control
  • Implementing proper alignment of the pelvis to help improve the position of the baby and contribute to an easier delivery
  • Utilizing the Webster Technique to help prevent in-utero constraints and aid the baby in securing an ideal position during the birthing process
  • Targeting specific areas of the body to lead to shorter labors, reduced muscle and joint pain, and fewer overall interventions
  • Helping contribute to reduced pregnancy symptoms, such as pelvis or lower back pain, morning sickness, breech positions, ligament pain, and more

Our pregnancy chiropractic techniques and practices have helped many pregnant clients better manage their health and the health of their baby throughout the birthing process. Our testimonials offer an inside look at how prenatal chiropractic services can truly make a difference during your pregnancy!

Enhancing the Birthing Process: The Webster Technique

At Restore Chiropractic, our doctors are certified in the Webster Technique: a revolutionary chiropractic practice that helps improve neuro-biomechanical function in the pelvis.

The Webster Technique is primarily used to prevent in-utero constraints, which helps guide the baby in finding an ideal position for birth. As a result of the technique, mothers have a chance to reduce the effects of sacral subluxation, a joint dysfunction that can cause many issues or concerns during labor.

The Webster Technique is a very gentle chiropractic adjustment. Through proper alignment of the pelvis, it helps improve pelvis function during pregnancy and reduces soft tissue tension. The result is a healthier, more comfortable environment for the baby to move and grow.

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To learn more about the Webster Technique or become a new patient at Restore Chiropractic, call 612-516-3090 and speak directly with our prenatal chiropractic team!

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