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How Does Birth Trauma Impact Child Development?

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Are you aware of the many reasons ALL babies benefit from seeing a pediatric chiropractor? Whether you’re an expecting mom, young parent, or grandparent, the following information is important to understand regarding the impact labor and delivery have on a baby’s nervous system and development, the key to helping a baby stay healthy and adapt well to their new environment and scanning technology that can assess how well your baby’s nervous system is functioning.

Natural Treatment Options for Ear Infections

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When your child’s in pain from an ear infection, there’s nothing more you want as a parent than to help them feel better. So naturally, like any good parent would do, you look for options to relieve their pain and help them recover. The only problem is that many parents (and even medical doctors) aren’t aware of or don’t know enough about alternative methods to treat ear infections that don’t involve antibiotics.

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