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Understanding Seizures: What You Should Know
Jen Heupel

Understanding Seizures: What You Should Know

Epilepsy is one of the most common neurologic disorders seen in children, with the highest incidence in the first year of life. Several signs and types of seizures with different origins exist, which can make it difficult to know how to best care for and prevent seizures from returning.

The emotional, mental, and financial weight of helping a child with seizures can be incredibly hard to bear. As pediatric nervous system specialists, we want you to know that we’re here for you and desire to support your family any way we can.

We believe knowledge brings hope and and clarity, so today we’re taking a deeper look at:

  • Causes of seizures (including ones traditional neurologists often miss)

  • Advanced neurological scans that detect stress and nerve interference in the nervous system

  • Safe, drug-free options to care for seizures

  • A testimonial from from one of our pediatric practice members who no longer has seizures and or needs medications thanks to chiropractic!

Potential Causes of Seizures

Seizures can stem from a variety of issues - some of them being more serious and chronic in nature while some are an isolated event.

Origins of seizures can include:

  • Traumatic brain injury

  • Birth trauma (forceps or vacuum delivery, c-section, long labor, shoulder dysplasia, etc.)

  • Subluxation (nerve interference)

  • Electrolyte or blood sugar imbalances

  • Infections like meningitis and encephalitis

  • Brain tumors

  • Drugs


  • A quick change in body temperature

  • Electrical shock

Do you know which of the above origins traditional neurologists miss when assessing seizures?

Answer: Birth trauma and subluxation — two of the most COMMON and SIGNIFICANT factors contributing to a dysregulated nervous system.

Why aren’t those causes often considered by conventional medical doctors? Because neurologists are only trained to look at the brain which leaves out a huge piece of the puzzle - the brainstem and spinal cord!

In addition, many neurologists don’t objectively assess the function of the central nervous system or know how to identify subluxation and stress in the autonomic nervous system, both of which play a major role in the misfiring of electrical signals (messages) between the brain and spinal cord.

The nervous system controls all other organs, tissues, glands, and muscles in the body, so when subluxation is present the brain and body can’t properly communicate, leading to other health concerns like seizures.

Safe, gentle, drug-free care for seizures

As you’ve now learned, the ENTIRE central nervous system (not just the brain) needs to be examined and cared for when looking for causes and healing methods for seizures.

This is why our office uses advanced neurological scans (similar to an EEG) that measure and assess the stress, tension, and subluxation within the brainstem and neurospinal system – something EEG’s can’t detect.

We also take a thorough health history, including the mother’s pregnancy and birth experience because significant prenatal stress or forceful birth interventions like c-sections and forceps can injure the brainstem, vagus nerve, and autonomic nervous system, which impacts all areas of functioning and development in the body.

Once our doctors review a patient’s scans and identity where primary points of subluxation exist, they use a gentle, specific instrument called an Integrator to REMOVE subluxation and reduce stress and tension in the nervous system. This restores neural communication pathways so the brain and body can better communicate and heal itself without the use of drugs, surgeries, or invasive techniques.

We understand that every child and seizure case is unique so we never make recommendations about medications or the process of getting off them, but if that’s your goal, we want to help you achieve it by improving the health and function of their nervous system.

If you’re concerned about potential medication side effects and their long-term impact, or simply want to try a natural healing option, give us a call at (612) 516-3090 or schedule online. We’d love to hear more about your specific situation and invite your family in for a thorough evaluation.

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Story of Healing: Rowan

When Rowan first started chiropractic care at Restore he was 6 months old and experiencing numerous health conditions including seizures, hypotonia, acid reflux, constipation, skin issues, trouble feeding at the bottle and breast, severe laryngomalacia, and allergic reactions. The family’s life revolved around going to different medical appointments for Rowan’s health and trying to keep him comfortable. The situation was mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausting for his parents.

At 9 weeks old Rowan had his first seizure and would sometimes have multiple ones a week - even up to 6 a day! Doctors prescribed him multiple anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs), acid reflux meds, steroids, oils and creams for his skin, and prescriptions for constipation relief. Different surgeries were also suggested by his medical care team.

Rowan was diagnosed with a rare genetic deletion condition contributing to the seizures and developmental delays. His parents were told Rowan would likely be on multiple AEDs his entire life.

🎉Today, Rowan’s mom and dad are thrilled to share he has been SEIZURE-FREE for 2.5 years and takes NO MEDICATION! He’s a happy, energetic boy with the biggest heart. He sleeps through the night, has never had an ear infection, no longer suffers from constipation, loves healthy food, and his skin issues have decreased dramatically. The family hasn't needed to see a specialist doctor (other than our chiropractors) in 2 years and his medical care team is amazed at where Rowan’s at now given his diagnosis. 🙌

Josie (Rowan’s mom), credits TRT adjustments at Restore for helping her son’s nervous system and body heal itself from the inside-out. She says, “I recommend neurologically-based chiropractic care to all of my friends and family. We have the proof right in front of us and Rowan's current health is truly a miracle. We had no idea we could find this much relief for him and are so thankful to the Restore team, Dr. Kyle and Dr. Mckensie.”


Sweet Rowan’s story is just one of many patients we’ve been able to help who suffer from seizures. We’ve worked with people of all ages (both on and off medications) to improve the function of their nervous system. Once patients start getting adjusted their brain, spinal cord, and nerves begin communicating better and their seizures reduce in frequency, length, recovery time, or they stop altogether!

We would love nothing more than to support and come alongside you or a family member dealing with seizures. When you’re ready to tackle seizures naturally by improving the health and function of your nervous system - we’re here for you!

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