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Improve Athletic Performance: The Secret to Better Results, Faster Recover, and Injury Prevention

Improve Athletic Performance: The Secret to Better Results, Faster Recover, and Injury Prevention

What do Tom Brady, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, and Lance Armstrong have in common? They all attribute chiropractic care to their success!

In fact, Tiger Woods has been quoted saying, “I’ve been going to the chiropractor for as long as I can remember. It is as important to my training as the practice of my golf swing.” That’s a pretty strong statement to make - but we couldn’t agree more!

The health and function of your nervous system controls all other organs, muscles, nerves, and tissues in the body. So if your nervous system isn’t working optimally your speed, agility, flexibility, range of motion and muscular endurance will also suffer, not to mention your mental clarity, mood, and recovery time.

Whether you consider yourself to be an athlete of not, the following information will help you stay fit and active (no matter your age) and provide valuable insight to prevent your motor nerves from wasting precious energy that you could be putting towards moving faster, longer, or stronger.

Top 5 Ways Chiropractic Boots Sports Performance

Want to help your child perform better in sports or allow your body to stay strong and active as you age? How about faster recovery times or injury prevention? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, this info is for you!

Some people have been led to believe chiropractic care is just for helping athletes deal with pain or discomfort in their spine or limbs … but only using chiropractic for pain relief is like only using your cell phone to make a call. There are SO many more ways neurologically focused chiropractic helps athletes and and people of all ages stay on top of their game.

  • 1. Increases Energy Reserves: Neurologically focused chiropractic improve your heart rate variability (HRV). A high and balanced HRV means the body has enough energy reserves to easily adapt to the physical and emotional demands of sports and can perform at its highest potential.

    Chiropractic also improves the energy EFFICIENCY of the motor nerves so you’re not wasting precious energy that you could be using on the field or wherever you compete.

  • 2. Reduces Stiffness and Increases Range of Motion: Stress and subluxation (nerve interference) in the nervous system blocks optimal motion of the body (both speed and flexibility). TRT adjustments remove stress and subluxation, allowing people to move faster and farther without getting tight.

  • 3. Improves Balance and Coordination: The nervous system is responsible for movement. By keeping your nervous system in optimal health through chiropractic care you're making sure your brain, muscles, and nerves all work together to easily coordinate movement for sports-related tasks.

    Chiropractic also helps maintain joint and muscle balance to improve movement patterns. This means you can run, jump, throw, and move with better balance and precision without falling down or stumbling.

  • 4. Faster Recovery: Your body is designed to heal itself when the signaling pathways from the brain to the rest of the organs, tissues, and muscles are able to communicate without interference. Chiropractic helps unwind stress in the nervous system and removes any roadblocks in communication so that messages needed for healing and recovery can be properly sent and received, helping you recover faster.

    TRT adjustments activate the vagus nerve which signals your sympathetic nervous system to kick in. When the sympathetic side of your nervous system is engaged your body can rest and focus on recovery and healing.

  • 5. Prevents Injuries: Regular chiropractic adjustments make sure neural pathways are working well so the nerves, muscles, and organ systems needed to perform athletic activities don't result in injury. In other words, a nervous system without interference can accurately tell the body what to do, keeps joints and muscles flexible, and reflexes sharp.

    In addition, because chiropractic helps shift the autonomic nervous system to the parasympathetic side (where one can rest, digest and heal) your body won't fatigue or get injured as easily.

Is Your Body Wasting Energy?

Is you body wasting precious energy you could be putting towards better athletic performance? Do you avoid the gym or physical activities because of fatigue, poor recovery, or fear of straining muscles?

The most accurate way to tell if your muscles are using excessive energy to support your posture and balance while sitting, standing, or moving is to test! In our office, we use specific neurological scans to measure the adaptability of your nervous system and the efficiency of your musculoskeletal system.

The sEMG scan on the left shows a musculoskeletal system that is working INEFFICIENTLY. This means the nerves within the muscles are working overtime, which can make you feel exhausted after little activity and wastes energy your body could be putting towards better athletic performance. It may also lead to slower recovery times.

The thermography scan on the right shows how much energy reserve your autonomic nervous system has to adapt to stress and the environment. When your muscles waste energy it tanks your overall reserve, which can make you feel fatigued.

If you'd like to know how efficiently your body is functioning or you feel like your energy tank could use a boost, make an appointment to get scanned and adjusted at our office.

Tracy's Chiropractic Story: Staying Fit and Active at 59

At 59 years old Tracy is running, swimming, and cycling LONG distances like it's no big deal. He regularly competes in triathlons and recently completed a half IRON MAN (70.3 miles!!) 🎉 To complete something like this in your 30's is impressive, but to do this when you're almost 60 – that's AMAZING! Listen to Tracy's as he shares how chiropractic helps him stay active, flexible, and prevent injuries with such an intense training schedule.

Watch Video

When you put your body to the test, how resilient is your health? Do you recover well and heal quickly? Is your physical strength and stamina where you'd like it to be? Give yourself and family the gift of better health to live and compete at your highest potential by following your care plan recommendations from our doctors or booking your initial appointment today!

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