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Are you Addressing the ROOT CAUSE of your Health Concerns?

Are you Addressing the ROOT CAUSE of your Health Concerns?

Chronic pain, whether it’s in your back, knees, arms, hips, or head can really wear you down physically, mentally, and emotionally. It often prevents you from joining loved ones in fun activities, doing your favorite hobbies, being productive at work, and can even steal your joy and leave you in a grumpy mood.

To address pain, we’re typically told to take medicine, stretch the sore area, get a massage, rest, or even have surgery. The unfortunate part of that approach is that it doesn’t address the ROOT CAUSE of the problem - it just temporarily relieves symptoms, so the aches, tightness, or tingling return.

We want to help you get rid of your pain for good, so take a look at the image below and answer the pain assessment questions to uncover the root of your problem and learn if the symptoms you’re experiencing are related to dysfunction in your nervous system (and what to do about it).

Let’s breakdown the finger image above: A rubber band is wrapped tightly around two fingers, which, over time, will lead to a host to problems like pain, loss of feeling, tingling, and tissue damage.

The fingers represent your body, and the rubber band represents the CAUSE of the pain, called subluxation. Subluxation is a fancy word for nerve interference in your nervous system which prevents your brain, spinal cord, and nerves from properly sending and receiving messages between your organs, muscles, tissues, and sensory nerves. When a roadblock in communication exists, the body isn’t able to heal itself like it was designed to - so aches, pains, numbness and other unwanted symptoms linger.

So what makes the MOST sense to REMOVE the pain and unwanted symptoms caused by the rubber band (subluxation)?

If you said TAKE OFF the rubber band, you’re correct! Pills, heat pads, stretching, and massage may help alleviate symptoms temporarily, but they don’t actually get rid of the rubber band hindering communication between your brain and body.

How do you remove the rubber band? Torque Release Technique adjustments remove subluxation and restore proper brain-body communication so the body can heal itself from the inside-out, without the use of medication or surgery. Our chiropractic technique releases tension within the nervous system by unwinding stress stuck in the nerves, allowing the brain and body to communicate optimally so healing can take place.

How do You Know if Your Pain is in the Nervous System?

Are you ready to find out if your pain is related to subluxation (nerve interference) within your central nervous system rather than just the physical tissue? Take this quick assessment to find out!

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Band-Aid Approaches to Pain

Are you using any of these temporary “quick-fixes” to deal with pain or discomfort only to find the same issues resurfacing the next day? Check out what Dr. McKensie has to say about some common band-aid approaches to dealing with pain and what you can do instead.

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Story of Healing: Tom Lee

When Tom came to Restore he had been suffering from pain and stiffness in his neck, shoulders, and low back for years. In fact, his neck was so stiff that he could barely turn his head! He also struggled with morning tremors in his right hand and fatigue.

To manage the pain and stiffness he had been seeing another type of chiropractor but wasn't getting the results he desired.

Since receiving TRT adjustments at Restore, Tom is feeling much better overall.

He can now:

  1. Easily turn his head without pain

  2. Get through the day without low back pain

  3. Has NO hand tremors

  4. Exercise harder and longer than before, “getting more out of his cardio and stretch routines” because he isn’t battling low back pain and stiffness.


"TRT Chiropractic care really works. It's about maintaining and improving a healthy lifestyle, not just fixing a problem." -Tom

If you’re ready to get to the ROOT CAUSE of your health concerns by removing subluxations so your brain, organs, muscles, and cells can communicate optimally and allow your body to heal itself from the inside-out, schedule your appointment today!

Your journey to true health and healing is just click away. We can’t wait to help you feel like yourself again!

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