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8 Signs to See a Chiropractor for Neck Pain
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8 Signs to See a Chiropractor for Neck Pain

One of the most common musculoskeletal problems is neck pain. While dealing with mild pain can simply be an annoyance, if it continues, it can lead to chronic issues if left unchecked.

If you're a part of the 30% of Americans dealing with discomfort or chronic neck pain, there are some warnings to look for, like 

Our team at Restore Chiropractic has eight of them listed in this article so you can better understand when it’s finally time to visit your local chiropractor. 

1. Headaches

Most people get headaches, and more often than not, they resolve themselves. However, if you're experiencing frequent and persistent ones or are accompanied by neck pain, scheduling an appointment with a chiropractor is recommended to narrow down the cause.

Studies have shown that neck pain is found to be more frequent in people who deal with chronic migraines, which is why headaches can be a surefire sign that you should check in with your family chiropractor.  

2. Tingling or Numbness

Tingling or numbness in your shoulders, neck, and arms also indicates an underlying issue in your body that needs attention. A chiropractor can help you diagnose the cause and offer streamlined solutions and treatments to help reduce the discomfort.

3. Radiating Pain

If the pain you are experiencing has been persistent for over a few days and is not getting better, this is cause for concern. Ongoing pain is your body’s way of letting you know there is a problem, and it can be debilitating. If it isn't alleviated by exercises or stretching, a chiropractor can help you find the source and give you the appropriate options to heal.

4. You Have Experienced an Injury

Accidents and injuries can cause multiple issues throughout your system, and if you have experienced either, it is crucial to schedule an appointment with the chiropractor as quickly as possible. 

If a sports injury or car accident has occurred, there can be further underlying issues that need to be addressed, and a chiropractor can help you identify them.

5. Limited Mobility

Slouching, posture changes, and limited mobility are also indicators that there may be a larger issue. This is especially true if it's related to neck, shoulder, or back pain. 

Chiropractic care can realign the bones and joints and help increase the body's natural systematic flow, reducing pain and improving posture.

6. Jaw Pain 

Another sign it’s time to see a chiropractor for neck pain is if you’ve noticed significant periods or experiences of jaw pain. Jaw pain can be related to long-term neck pain and may be caused by multiple musculoskeletal problems that can be alleviated through personalized chiropractic care. 

Jaw pain affects between 5% and 12% of the population, is typically found to be more experienced among younger persons, and is at least twice as prevalent in women as men. A chiropractor can work toward realigning your neck and jaw to help alleviate the pain over time.

7. Muscle Spasms 

Neck muscle spasms are another indicator that neck pain needs to be addressed and are often caused by tension, stress, or any type of neck-related injury. 

In some cases, neck muscle spasms can be quickly alleviated by seeing a chiropractor who can provide gentle massages, stretches, and other techniques intended to relax muscles and reduce spasms.

8. Repetitive Strain

It’s incredible how we tend to overlook how often our jobs play a role in the physical pain we experience on a day-to-day basis. Studies have shown that work-related neck pain tends to drastically increase with those who work more than 42 hours per week, especially those who consistently work on a desk and chair. 

The bottom line is that you may be more susceptible to neck pain if your job or hobbies require repetitive neck motions. Seeing a chiropractor can provide exercises and adjustments that are designed to relieve tension in the neck and help prevent repetitive strain injuries.

Feel Your Best With Restore Chiropractic

Some neck pain may go away on its own; however, if you're experiencing any of the above-listed symptoms, it's crucial to reach out to the experts at Restore Chiropractic.

Our team is a family-owned company, and we offer the most streamlined and advanced chiropractic techniques in Minnesota. From prenatal to family chiropractic services, we are here to help you improve your overall well-being through education and expert techniques.

Experience wellness benefits with advanced chiropractic care at Restore Chiropractic! Message us online or call us at 612-516-3090 to book your appointment today.

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