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The Greatest Catalyst to Reach Your Health Goals

The Greatest Catalyst to Reach Your Health Goals

It’s January, which means you likely made some goals related to improving your health this year… good for you!

To support and encourage you in your health journey, we want to let you in on a little secret about the FIRST STEP you’ll want to take to make reaching your goals easier and faster.

Common answers you’ve likely heard include making better food choices, daily movement or exercise, restorative sleep, reducing stress, and intermittent fasting.

While those tactics can certainly improve your wellbeing, neurologically-based chiropractic care is the greatest CATALYST to better overall health because your NERVOUS SYSTEM is the master control center of all your other organs, tissues, glands, and muscles in your body.

By supporting the neural pathways from your brain to your heart, lungs, digestive track, immune system, muscle fibers and more, those parts of the body function BETTER which helps you adapt easier to stress (physically, emotionally, and chemically), recover quickly from illness, and have the energy needed to stick to your New Years goals week after week until they become your new normal.

Keep reading as we break down some specific ways chiropractic lays the solid foundation you need to eat, sleep, move, and live in a way the boosts your total health and quality of life.

Why Your Health Goals will be More Successful with Chiropractic

If you think about some of the KEY INGREDIENTS needed for optimal health and wellbeing, some of the following likely come to mind:

  • Quality sleep (not only for energy but for weight loss, stress reduction, hormone regulation, and detox purposes)

  • Digestion and absorption of nutrients and minerals

  • Clear detox and elimination pathways (lymphatic drainage and daily bowel movements are critical!)

  • Mobility and flexibility

  • Mental clarity and focus (to learn, be effective at work, and make wise choices)

  • A good mood (positive attitude, energy, emotional stability)

  • Robust immune system (to prevent illness or fight it quickly)

  • Resiliency to stress (so you don’t burn out or become overwhelmed from life’s demands)

  • Free from physical pain (so you can enjoy the hobbies and daily activities you want or need to do)

  • A healthy body weight, heart rate, and blood pressure

Would you be surprised to know that regular, neurologically-based chiropractic care can help with all of those health factors? That’s right! Just click on an article below to learn how Torque Release Technique adjustments (the kind we do here in our office) help reduce neurological stress so your nervous system and the rest of your body can operate at full strength to do their job properly.

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In summary, if you START with chiropractic care your nervous system will function better. When your nervous system functions better you can ADAPT to stress and shift your nervous system from a “fight or flight” state to a “rest and digest” state. When your nervous system is no longer stuck in survival mode your brain and body feel safe enough to focus on healing - where weight loss, restorative sleep, and proper digestion begin to occur.

Give your nervous system the care it needs so you have the energy and mobility to complete your daily movement goal, feel less stiff and sore after workouts, and can better absorb the nutrients from all the healthy foods you’re eating!

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Story of Healing: Jeff

Jeff is LIVING PROOF that neurologically - based chiropractic care is the greatest catalyst to improve your OVERALL health and QUALITY of life! Read his incredible road to recovery after battling serious health complications from long-haulers COVID that no other medical specialists could help him with.

When Jeff first came to Restore, he felt hopeless and defeated because he:

Had intense back and neck pain 24/7

Could barely walk or move. He couldn’t even cross his legs

Had to sleep in a chair (and only slept about 2 hours each night)

Could no longer drive a car

Had a high resting heart rate of 125-135

Walked less than 900 steps a day

Had been dealing with these issues for 14 months and seen 8 other specialists with no answers or progress

In comes neurological chiropractic and Jeff’s health finally began to improve! After 11 months of consistent TRT adjustments Jeff feels like a new man! Thanks to chiropractic, Jeff now:

Sleeps in a bed lying down for 5 hours

Neck and back pain have significantly improved

Walks over 5,000 steps a day

Can cross his legs and do stretches

Lost 51 pounds

Has a lower resting heart rate of 99

No longer had uncontrolled Tourette’s Syndrome

If that’s not a complete overhaul of someone’s total health, we don’t know what is!

Don’t miss your opportunity to help your body heal better, feel better, and reach your health goals this year! Click here to schedule your chiropractic consolation and exam with us today!

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