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5 Reasons to Take Your Baby to the Chiropractor
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5 Reasons to Take Your Baby to the Chiropractor

New parents are often unaware of the benefits of a pediatric chiropractor. Adults benefit from chiropractic services; therefore it can be concluded that small humans such as babies will also benefit.

There are many reasons to take your baby to the chiropractor. Research shows that pediatric chiropractors can help babies manage pain and develop better. If you notice that your baby is extremely fussy or experiences difficulty sleeping, a pediatric chiropractor can provide solutions.

Here are five reasons to consider chiropractic services for babies!

Relieve Pain or Nerve Interference From Birth

During birth, your baby likely experienced some trauma to their little body. The push and pull of being born can cause misalignments in the baby’s neck and back, causing neurological stress. Misalignments are a common consequence of babies being born by both c-section and natural births.

A pediatric chiropractor can check for nerve interference and tension within the central nervous system and use gentle, safe adjustments to improve the communication pathways between the baby’s brain and spinal cord. This helps a baby’s body heal faster and adapt better to stress and their new environment.

Encourage Growth

A baby experiences much growth during the first year of development, and their spine doubles in length. It is not until the baby can hold up its head on its own that the neck curvature is formed.

A pediatric chiropractor will gently adjust the spine to allow the baby’s body to grow effectively and help improve posture.

Improve Colic Symptoms

Problems with the baby’s gastrointestinal system can result in colic. While this is a normal occurrence in babies, it causes them much discomfort, resulting in long bouts of crying and fussing. You’ll know when the baby pulls up their legs due to pain in the abdomen.

A pediatric chiropractor focuses on identifying the source of neurological stress or misalignment that inhibits function of the GI system, resulting in a colicky, uncomfortable baby. The chiropractor applies gentle pressure to release built up stress and tension, correct the spine, and restore function of the nervous system, which can help the movement of food and gas.

Enhance Immune System

When the spinal cord and nervous system are in good condition, it is easier to fight off illness. Therefore, chiropractic services result in improved body function for your baby.

When your baby’s spine, nerves, and muscles are cared for continuously, you can expect less ear infections, stomach issues, and other common health issues for babies.

Reduce Ear Infections

Chiropractic services by a pediatric chiropractor have been shown to reduce fluid buildup and pressure in the ear. Ear infections in babies can be caused by injury of the nerves during birth.

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Are you ready to improve your baby’s development and relieve health symptoms? Let Restore Chiropractic address your baby’s health needs  with our expert pediatric chiropractic services: Call us today at 612-516-3090 or book an appointment online.

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