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Restore's Five Year Birthday!
Jen Heupel
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Restore's Five Year Birthday!

Wow! We can hardly believe it’s been 5 years since Restore Chiropractic opened it’s doors on October 31st, 2017! It’s been a joy and honor serving our community and helping people’s body’s heal and function better through neurologically based chiropractic care.

We want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has been apart of making our office what it is today. Thank you for trusting us with your health, giving referrals, the encouraging words and prayers, and countless other ways you've supported us. πŸ₯°

Here’s some fun facts about the impact Restore has made in people’s lives over the past five years:

  • 2,500 lives changes through chiropractic care

  • 137 babies adjusted in their 1st year of life

  • 95,166 total adjustments given

  • 120 cities served

  • 839 practice member referrals

Message From the Founders Dr. Kyle and Rachel

THANK YOU: For 5 years we have been so blessed by our community and the many practice members that we have had the opportunity to impact and support. We opened the doors of Restore Chiropractic 5 years ago on a mission to make our community a better, healthier place. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has been part of our journey and has trusted us with your health. Our Restore community is like family to us, and we strive to always deliver a wonderful experience that makes you all feel loved and supported in your life.

WHAT'S TO COME: Over the next 5 years there are many fun and exciting things that we plan to do. As many of you know, Restore Chiropractic has seen consistent growth in the volume of people served and our team. We are hoping to expand the four walls of Restore Chiropractic to allow for more room to serve in a bigger capacity. Restore Chiropractic has also always been focused on serving kids and families, which we will continue to do, and we deeply desire to elevate the practice member experience in this way. We have some exciting surprises coming up to make Restore Chiropractic a great place to receive care, socialize and build relationships with other families in our Restore community, and grow deeper roots together.

We hope you have enjoyed the last 5 years as much as we have, and we can't wait for what's to come in the next 5!

Grateful for you,

Dr. Kyle & Rachel

Chiropractic Wins: What our Practice Members are Celebrating!

Our team members aren’t the only ones celebrating the gift of life and health this season - so are our practice members! For Restore’s birthday month we set up a station in our office for people to write down something they’re celebrating, either through chiropractic care or in general. Here’s some of the awesome wins people wrote on the “Something to Celebrate” wall.

πŸ’š Less anxiety

πŸ’™ Rarely sick

πŸ’š Less back and knee pain

πŸ’™ Lost 47 lbs in first 9 months of care

πŸ’š I can now fall asleep naturally

πŸ’™ No longer allergic to milk

πŸ’š I can turn my head left and right to look for cars

πŸ’™ Finally sleeping through the night and feeling better in my 2nd trimester of pregnancy

πŸ’š I do better in school now

πŸ’™ Natural childbirth

πŸ’š No more allergy medications

πŸ’™ Ran my first marathon

These are just a handful of the “wins” children and adults share every day about how chiropractic has improved their quality of life. We are filled with JOY and celebrate with you as your body heals itself from the inside-out!

Team Florida Trip and Conference

To celebrate Restore’s growth and service to increasingly more people, our team recently took a trip to Orlando, Florida for a few days of fun, bonding, and learning at a chiropractic conference. See some highlights from our trip as well and conference photos here.


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