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How to Tell if You're Truly Healthy

How to Tell if You're Truly Healthy

True of False: Wellness is an absence of sickness, disease, or other unwanted symptoms?

If you answered false — you’re right!

While many people think that if they “feel good”, have no pain, and don’t take medication they’re healthy… but here’s the TRUTH:

Just because you “feel fine” today DOES NOT mean your organs, cells, muscles, and nerves are functioning at their peak. You can not base wellness on how you “feel” because your symptoms (or lack thereof) don’t tell the whole story.

Are you able to “feel” how well your nervous system is working? Can you feel if your autonomic nervous system is balanced between the “fight or flight” side and “rest and digest” side? How do you know if there’s inadequate nerve flow and communication between your brain, spinal cord, and body?

You can’t — unless you test.

Problems in your nervous system begin brewing long BEFORE unwanted symptoms arise. The only way to see if the master control center for your entire body (your nervous system) is functioning optimally is to scan it using advanced neurological technology.

Continue reading to learn what TRUE wellness actually is, how to easily and scientifically measure your current state of health, and the numerous benefits that regular chiropractic care has for you and your family’s overall health and vitality.

The #1 Marker of TRUE Health

If true health isn’t simply “feeling good” or being a-symptomatic, what is it?

Find out by watching Dr. Kyle explain what living life in the “green zone” is like and what tests can be done to see how well your nervous system is functioning and adapting to stress and the environment.

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The Wellness Zone: Benefits of Regular Chiropractic Care

What’s difference between individuals and families who receive regular chiropractic care and those who don’t?

The answer: An OPTIMALLY functioning nervous system. One that allows all your other organs, muscles, tissues, and cells to work better and heal better so health concerns are less likely to arise in the future.

If you’re only getting adjusted when you have pain or don’t feel well you’re in reaction mode. But what better place to be than in prevention mode so you stay healthy, active, energetic, and happy all year long … even during the long, cold MN winter?

Staying consistent with regular chiropractic adjustments (even after you’re original health concerns have been resolved) allows you to continue reaping the MANY benefits of a well-functioning nervous system.

Here are some of the top benefits that our wellness practice member experience:

  • Better sleep (deeper, longer, faster to sleep)

  • A robust immune system leading to fewer sick days

  • Increased productivity

  • Higher levels of energy

  • Faster physical recovery

  • Easier and quicker healing

  • Better mood

  • Headaches stay away

  • Can better manage stress

  • Medication elimination

  • Improved focus in school or work

In general, the greatest benefits are those that improve our quality of life but we often take for granted until we no longer experience them.

Don’t let the health of your nervous system decline by going too long without chiropractic care. Ideally, you’d go no longer than 2 weeks without an adjustment or you run the risk of stress building up in your nervous system, hindering communication pathways between your brain and body.

Maintain the health of your nervous system to PREVENT issues from popping up in the future. Get your nervous system scanned to know if nerve interference is present, then have it REMOVED through TRT Chiropractic adjustments.

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