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How to Increase the Likelihood of Your Ideal Birth Plan
Jen Heupel
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How to Increase the Likelihood of Your Ideal Birth Plan

Preparing for the birth of your child can bring a range of emotions depending on the birth plan you want and what your doctor or midwife says is possible. If you’ve been given the news that you can’t have a vaginal delivery after c-section (VBAC), that your baby is breech, or you should opt for a c-section due to a more complicated pregnancy (like twins, a large baby, or an irregular shaped uterus) that could feel incredibly disappointing and even make a woman fear birth.

We want all moms to know that we see you, we hear you, and we want to help you achieve the birth you desire! Your incredible body is capable of doing what it was designed to - it may just require a little extra assistance from a chiropractor or other prenatal specialists along the way.

Read on to learn more about how God designed your pregnant body to adapt while creating life and how prenatal chiropractic and Webster Technique can increase the likelihood of your dream birth plan.

If your desired birth plan involves a vaginal, smooth delivery with minimal medical intervention, chiropractic can help!

One of the most crucial aspects needed for a vaginal delivery is for baby to be HEAD-DOWN, facing the mother's back.

For this to happen, your growing baby must have enough room to move into the best position for birth which is largely influenced by proper balance of the pelvic bones, muscles, and ligaments, as well as tension on the ligaments that support the uterus.

👉As prenatal chiropractors, we use a gentle technique called Webster that helps prevent in-utero constraints so baby can secure an ideal birth position. Webster adjustments also softly stretch and massage the ligaments surrounding the uterus which aids the body in creating a healthier, more comfortable environment for baby.

With proper fetal positioning, the risk for shoulder dystocia, c-section, forceps, or a difficult labor and delivery significantly decline.

A balanced pelvis and sacrum also helps:

✅Decrease low back pain

✅Relieve sciatic pain and pain down the legs

✅Reduce hip discomfort

✅Improve the labor and delivery process

Have You Been Told You Can’t Have a Vaginal Birth?

If you’ve been given the news that a vaginal birth isn’t possible (but you’d like to have one), here’s some information to consider before losing hope or making a final decision.

❤️ We know that your body was designed to create the hormone relaxin during pregnancy to loosen ligaments in the pelvis. This allows your pelvis to widen during birth so that your baby - big or small - can exit through the birth canal.

❤️ We know that our body HEALS itself and it is possible for MANY women to have a vaginal birth after cesarean if they so desire.

❤️ We know that if the pelvis and sacrum are aligned properly and there are no tight ligaments tugging on the uterus, that there is enough room for the baby to get into an ideal position for birth - on their own schedule of course.

❤️ Mama’s having twins! Wow, your body is incredible! If you have an uncomplicated pregnancy, are past 36 weeks and at least one baby is an ideal birth position, you should advocate for a vaginal delivery.

❤️ We know that even an irregularly shaped uterus or a uterus with a septum can allow enough room for a baby to turn head-down and prepare for birth.

To help ensure the birth you desire, we encourage you to get adjusted to keep your pelvis in proper alignment and the nerves going to your uterus, pelvic floor and surrounding muscles working properly. This allows for a more comfortable, healthy pregnancy and prepares your body to a smooth labor & delivery.

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Pregnant with Twins? Is Baby Breech?

Are you pregnant with TWINS and want to have a vaginal delivery? Are you concerned about getting your breech baby to turn head down? Watch this heart-warming testimonial of Restore practice member, April, who received chiropractic care while pregnant with twins that helped her breech baby flip and allowed her to vaginally deliver healthy twin girls at 38 weeks!

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Our prayer is that every mom can experience the labor and delivery she desires - even if that’s not a vaginal birth. Whatever your dream birth plan looks like, we’d be honored to be apart of making your pregnancy and delivery as healthy, comfortable, and ideal as possible.

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