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C-section Risks, Birth Plans, and Recovery
Jen Heupel

C-section Risks, Birth Plans, and Recovery

The rate of C-sections have risen to a critical point in our nation. Today, approximately 1 in every 3 babies in born via C-section in Minnesota, and the rate is even higher in other areas of the country! With more C-sections being performed today that are not truly necessary, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks and complications that could happen. If you’re an expecting parent or hope to have children in the future, the following information will help you make an informed birth plan for you and your baby.

C-Sections: Do You Know All the Risks for Your Baby?

When it comes to potential risks associated with a C-section, the majority of ones shared with expectant parents are focused on the mother, not the baby. In fact, The Mayo Clinic’s website lists just two potential risks from a C-section for the baby: Breathing problems that may last a few days and rare minor injuries from accidental nicks to the baby’s skin.

The hard truth, however, is that when a baby is delivered via C-section the physical pulling and pressure placed on their head and neck can cause short and long-term effects on the child’s health and development that we see all too often in our office. The amount of force used to extract a baby from the mother’s uterus during surgery is comparable to a Grade 2 whiplash injury. It’s easy to understand then, how birth trauma from a C-section increases neurological stress and tension in their nervous system. This creates a roadblock in communication between the brain and spinal cord which results in many of the complications listed below.

Please note: C-sections are not the only type of birth trauma that can cause nerve interference and health concerns — but they are one of the most significant (and often overlooked), which is why we are discussing it here.

The most common signs of neurological stress and tension after a C-section delivery include:

🔸Difficulty Latching or breastfeeding
🔸Torticollis (limited range of motion in the neck or preference of one side)
🔸Reflux and projectile vomiting
🔸Difficulty sleeping
🔸Gas and significant digestive discomfort

The most common long-term effects of birth trauma include:
🔺Immune system challenges
🔺Allergies: food and seasonal
🔺Developmental delays
🔺Sensory processing challenges
🔺Poor behavioral and emotional regulation

Did you know? When a baby is born via C-section they are not exposed to the beneficial bacteria in the mother’s vaginal canal which strengthens the baby’s immune system. This is another reason why children born via C-section may have weaker immune systems and get sick more often.

For a deeper understanding of WHY neurological stress and C-sections can cause the above health concerns, read this article by Dr. Tony Ebel.

Helping Your Baby Heal After a C-Section

While pediatricians and holistic providers may suggest changes to the mother’s diet, baby formula, supplements, calming techniques or physical therapy to help reduce feeding, sleeping, or developmental challenges, we know the ROOT CAUSE of those symptoms stem from a stressed and dysfunctional nervous system because it controls all the organs, tissues, cells, and muscles in the body.

If you’re looking for a natural, drug-free, and effective way to help your baby heal from the negative side-effects of birth trauma, we recommend starting with chiropractic care because it REMOVES nerve interference that prevents your child’s brain from communicating properly with the rest of their body.

If your baby displays signs of neurological stress listed above, it’s a good idea to have their nervous system scanned for subluxation (nerve interference) and to get them adjusted. Even for babies that appear perfectly healthy, it’s NEVER a waste of time or money to make sure their nervous system is communicating clearly and effectively to PREVENT illness, health concerns, and developmental delays from occurring. Keeping your child’s nervous system healthy is the best way to make sure their brain and body can grow, thrive and stay healthy the way God designed them to.

Interested in how chiropractic helps mothers heal postpartum? Check out this article.

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C-Section Birth Preferences

If a C-section truly is the best option for you (we understand there are some medical reasons out of your control) or you simply want to be prepared for a situation that may result in one, there are many things you can still do to have an amazing birth experience!

If your situation allows, communicate with your doctor which details are most important to you and ask about your options for during and after birth.

Birth Preferences to Consider when Having a C-Section:

❤️ Immediate skin-to-skin time with mom. This increases oxytocin which isn’t released the same in a C-section as it is in a vaginal delivery. This will also help your milk come in sooner!

❤️ Delayed cord clamping. This allows more blood to be transferred to the baby. In some cases this increases baby’s blood volume by one third!

❤️ Vaginal Seeding. This is where the doctor would take a cotton swab of vaginal fluid and transfer it to the nose, mouth and skin of the infant. Sounds gross, but babies born vaginally get exposed to this bacteria which helps baby establish a healthy microbiome and ultimately, a better immune system!

❤️ Breastfeed within the first hour. This is super important for mom and baby as it increases bonding and the hormone oxytocin.

❤️ Skin-to-skin with dad. Did you know mom and dad both can pass antibodies to baby through the skin?! Skin-to-skin time daily over the first few weeks also helps a baby regulate their sleep.

All births look different and how you chose to prepare is different for everyone. There’s no right or wrong way - we just want to make sure you have all the facts when making this important decision.

We would be honored to be apart of your pre-conception, prenatal, or postpartum journey. We love supporting the moms and their growing families in our office. This is such a special & challenging time in their lives and it’s truly rewarding to walk alongside them and care for their health!

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