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Have a Better Pregnancy and Birth Experience with Chiropractic Care
Jen Heupel

Have a Better Pregnancy and Birth Experience with Chiropractic Care

Have you or someone you know had a challenging birth experience and want to have a better one next time?

Could you use relief from your aching back or hips as your body expands and shifts to make room for your growing baby?

Do you want your baby to be in the most ideal position for a smooth labor and delivery?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, or know someone in a similar situation, we’ve got some GOOD NEWS for you today: Our doctors are experts in Webster Technique (prenatal adjustments) that have PROVEN time and again to help expecting mamas with ALL of those concerns.

Here are just a few incredible stats about the pregnant women we served in 2021:

💜 35 babies were born to our moms last year

💜 33 of the 35 moms had the birth outcome they hoped and planned for

💜 5 of the births were at a birth center or without any pain meds

💜 1 breech baby turned for VBAC

💜 Breech and transverse babies turned head down for a vaginal, TWIN birth

Read on to learn more incredible facts about what CAUSES prenatal pain and HOW we can HELP! Plus, don’t miss the amazing story of one of our practice members, April Mathison, who gave birth to the sweetest TWIN GIRLS, Zoe and Lucy, last month!

What Causes Pain in Pregnancy?

Once you understand the ROOT CAUSE of why your back and hips may hurt during pregnancy it’s easy to see why chiropractic is so successful at alleviating pain AND helping create an optimal environment for baby to grow and be in the proper position for a vaginal birth.

These are some of the hormonal and structural changes that occur in a pregnat woman’s body:

1. The hormone, relaxin, makes the ligaments connecting the pelvis and sacrum more loose, so the pelvis is less stable to support the increasing physical load of pregnancy.

2. Less stability through the ligaments means the pelvis and sacrum can shift out of alignment, causing the back to work harder.

3. This results in increased back pain OR it can irritate the sciatic nerve and cause pain in the hips, glutes, or down the legs.

4. When the pelvic ring is misaligned it can create tension through the ligaments from the pelvis to the uterus and create twisting, torque and tension of the uterus itself.

5. If the uterus is twisted and stressed, it decreases space for the baby to move, making it difficult for baby to turn head down.

Better Pain Relief and Faster Delivery Times

Webster adjustments help:

1. Restore balance and proper alignment of the pelvis and sacrum

2. Decrease tension on the ligaments, which decreases the stress and tension on the uterus.

3. Reduced tension on the ligaments and uterus = Reduced back and hip pain AND helps baby get into optimal position for birth.

4. Relieve stress and tension trapped within the nerves, allowing the nerves exiting near the sacrum (that go to the uterus) to have EFFICIENT and POWERFUL CONTRACTIONS. Improved communication through those nerves contribute to decreased labor times up to 33%!

👉 If you’re a pregnant mama who’s physically uncomfortable or wanting her breech baby to flip, click the link below to schedule an appointment and see how we can help! 💕

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TWINS Pregnancy Testimonal: Zoe and Lucy

April came to Restore for prenatal chiropractic care to alleviate back and hip pain (which made for sleepless nights) and to encourage Zoe to turn from a breech position to head down so she could have the vaginal birth she desired.

We're thrilled to report that not only did April’s back and hip pain IMPROVE (yay for qaulity sleep!), but baby Zoe TURNED HEAD DOWN, allowing April to have her ideal delivery experience!!🙌

Read the FULL STORY and see more precious photos of the twins getting their first adjustments on our Instagram page.

We count ourselves #blessed to be a part of this family’s pregnancy, birth, and health journey and love all the sweet baby smiles and cuddles we get when they come into the office. 🥰

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