How Pediatric Chiropractors Aid With Sensory Processing

Pediatric Chiropractor for Sensory Processing

Left without care, sensory processing issues can limit a child’s ability to lead a healthy, joyful life. Previously, there were not many options for children with a sensory processing disorder, but chiropractic care shows promising results for helping a range of issues.

If you suspect your child is struggling, it’s never too early to seek care. In addition to caring for patients with sensory processing issues, a baby chiropractor can help alleviate symptoms and provide relief for many other common postpartum health issues, such as ear infections, anxiety, colic, and bedwetting.

Our experts at Restore Chiropractic are here to explain more about how our pediatric chiropractor services can improve the health of your child’s life.

What Is Sensory Processing Disorder?

Sensory processing disorder (SPD) occurs when the brain is unable to properly send and receive information, such as taste, touch, smell, vision, and sound. SPD impacts the vestibular system, which spreads throughout the base of the brain, spine, and inner ear.

Children with SPD may report feelings of anxiousness, depression, and fear.

Sensory Processing Disorder Care Options

It is recommended to try a holistic approach first, such as chiropractic services. However, there are additional care options for SPD that include prescribed medications and therapy.

A baby chiropractor can help relieve sensory processing issues with gentle chiropractic adjustments that target the peripheral portion of the vestibular system.

Benefits of Pediatric Chiropractors

By helping reduce tension in the nervous system, chiropractors can ease neural stress and improve sensory processing.

Identifying the source of neurological stress is critical to improving sensory processing challenges. Pediatric chiropractors utilize adjustments, advanced techniques, and innovative technology to help improve neurological function by strengthening the relationship between the brain and spinal cord.

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