While it can at times be extremely hard for the body to fight diseases and infections, fortunately, our immune systems are built to help us win these fights. However, not everyone is fortunate enough that their immune system can handle this on its own. Being immunodeficient means that the immune system has been compromised and cannot fight diseases and infections the way it should. In this situation, those who are immunodeficient are especially susceptible to diseases and infections. While someone with a highly functioning immune system may barely feel a cold, that same illness can severely affect someone else with a compromised immune system.


A case study was recently published about a fiveyear-old female child diagnosed as immunodeficient with recurrent respiratory illness. The patient’s medical history also included a premature birth and birth trauma, torticollis, constipation, frequent ear infections, tympanostomy tubes, a tonsillectomy, and an adenoidectomy. She had all of these illnesses and was only five-years-old! The child was placed under chiropractic care during which it was discovered that she had vertebral subluxation as well as the loss of the normal cervical curve.

While under chiropractic care, the patient was adjusted for her vertebral subluxation. Her mother soon reported a decrease in recurring respiratory illnesses and related symptoms as, in fact, they had become less frequent! She also reported an increase in the patient’s ability to respond more efficiently to infections. Since the nervous system is responsible for the immune system, this makes sense!

Removing any interference from the nervous system allows the parts of the body affected by the nervous system the best chance to function. While neurologically based chiropractic care may not be a ‘treatment’ for any symptom in particular, it can help patients’ bodies function at their best without this interference. When the body functions at its best, it heals at its best!

After beginning chiropractic care, the young girl's mother soon reported a decrease in recurring respiratory illness related to her immunodeficiency!

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